MS in Nutrition Science

Through an interdisciplinary learning approach and asynchronous online format, this program will increase the student’s knowledge in nutrition science to improve public health and health promotion for nutrition-associated disease management both in the US and globally.

About the Program

With this advanced degree, students will be competitively positioned for research that bridges nutritional concerns and for doctoral education. Graduates with the MS in Nutrition Science degree will have demonstrated competencies in reading and synthesizing the published nutrition science literature, nutrition counseling, cultural competency, scholarly presentations, data analysis and interpretation, and writing for scholarly publication. Learn more about program outcomes.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently issued its first ever NIH-wide strategic plan for nutrition research that seeks cross-cutting, innovative opportunities to advance nutrition research across a wide range of areas to improve health and to prevent or combat diseases and conditions affected by nutrition. Penn Nursing’s MS in Nutrition Science degree is perfectly designed to meet this need.

Penn Nursing has a lot to offer for a MS in a Nutrition Science degree.

Students enrolled in our program will:

  • Study nutrition through a multidisciplinary lens;
  • Understand the science behind why nutrition is core to human health;
  • Learn from leading experts in nursing, public health, and human behavior; and
  • Access the network of resources only the University of Pennsylvania’s Ivy League institution can offer.
  • Access user-friendly, asynchronous online courses in their own time. 

Program Information


Program Length

12 months

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Learning Format



Program Length

18 months

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Learning Format


Program Details


The program offers an efficient, 10 course units using an asynchronous online format with synchronous opportunities and virtual office hours. Instructors and faculty mentors guide students in their capstone project development and completion.

We offer full-time and part-time enrollment options for this program, which can be completed in 3-5 semesters.

Click the link below to view the curriculum and plans of study for this program in the University catalog.

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Minimum qualifications for the program

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts


Basic nutrition course and undergraduate biology and/or chemistry

International Applicants

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Application Deadlines

Full-time Enrollment Deadlines:

Priority: November 4, 2024

Decision Notification: late-December

Final: March 15, 2025

Decision Notification: late-April

Part-time Enrollment Deadline:

Summer Start: March 15, 2025

Fall Start: April 1, 2025

Decision Notification: early-May

*Dates subject to change without notice.

Costs & Tuition

Your program costs will depend on how many course units (CU) you take per semester.

Scholarships are available.

Program Outcomes

The career paths open to graduates of our online MS in Nutrition Science program will vary depending on their prior training. Graduates will develop the following outcomes:

  • Acquire experience in communicating nutrition concepts and motivating clients for appropriate behavioral decisions and actions.
  • Analyze research to make recommendations and develop strategies to reduce risks and improve patient care outcomes for a specific patients and health conditions.
  • Integrate principles and strategies to design and deliver culturally relevant, effective health promotion and disease prevention education for individuals, families, communities, and health professionals.
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaborate and consult with other nutrition science professionals in the design, coordination, and evaluation of human nutrition research.
  • Evaluate and synthesize published research findings from the peer-reviewed nutrition science literature.
  • Develop scholarly writing, peer review and presentation skills to communicate scientific knowledge.



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Program Activities

New Insight into Optimal Protein Dosing for Critically Sick Patients

A new study finds that higher protein didn’t help this ICU patient population, and for those with acute kidney failure it actually caused harm.

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