Nursing Students Engage

Nursing Students Engage

You’ll find them inside senior centers and on the sidelines of kids’ sports practices.
They’re at free COVID-19 testing sites and packing meals inside local nonprofits. You can spot them presenting legislative resolutions and chatting with marginalized populations about their greatest needs. Just as they have since the school’s earliest days, Penn Nursing students are consistently bringing their skills out of the classroom and into local communities, while learning more about those communities in the process. Whether they choose service-focused classes, student clubs, paid work, or volunteer opportunities, Penn Nursing students today are more tapped into the city around them than ever before. Here’s what that engagement looks like for nine current undergrads.

Lauren Malinowski, RN (left) and Tina Senoo, RN (right)

The Preceptor Imperative

Every great nurse starts out as a student. And for every student, there’s a preceptor, that vital mentor who oversees care in clinical rotations, who passes on lessons learned and knowledge earned. But as the number of preceptors trends steadily downward, it’s past time to talk about just how vital the role really is.

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The CGWH Dream Team: Holly Harner (L) and Monique Howard (R)

Thinking Globally and Working Locally

Holly Harner and Monique Howard have ambitious plans for the Center for Global Women’s Health centered on three strategic priorities: violence and victimization, maternal morbidity and mortality, and gender equity and inclusion.

                                   Illustrations by Tim Boelaars

The Case for Innovation Education in Nursing School

At a moment when so much in the health care world is ripe for disruption, there are more reasons than ever to include innovation and entrepreneurship as part of nursing curricula. Here, Jonathan Zhu Nu’23 lays out seven of the best.

  1. Because Nurses Can Solve Problems at a Higher Level
  2. Because Perspective Matters
  3. Because Nurses Skills Mirror the Skills Involved in Human-centered Design
  4. Because Opportunities Exist Beyond Clinical Practice
  5. Because the Infrastructure is There
  6. Because There Are Rick Opportunities for Collaboration
  7. Because the World Needs Nursing Leadership
Juliana Ivanof, Master's Student

A Day in the Life - Juliana Ivanof

What’s it like to be in the Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program?

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Shoutout to all the alumni near and far who graced our campus for an unforgettable Penn Alumni Weekend.

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