March 9, 2023The photographs accompanying this story document a day in the life of a critical care team at the Penn Presbyterian Medical ...
A Critical RoleFeature

A Critical Role

Critical care unit patients teetering on the edge of life and death need the best on their side. The urgency of these high-stakes environments requires nurses who have been prepared to be highly responsive critical-thinkers, with tremendous attention to detail and aptitude for an ever-evolving discipline. Read on to learn why Penn Nursing-educated nurses have the advantage and how Penn Nursing has shaped, and continues to lead, the profession.


The Life Cycle of Injury Science

How Penn Nursing is defining the field of injury science and improving health around the world.

Helena Addison Headshot

Sidebar: Helena Addison, MSN, RN

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Path to Penn Nursing With Kenrick Cato, PhD, RN, CPHIMS, FAAN

Standing Faculty Clinician-Educator and Professor of Informatics at CHOP.

  1. Born in Guyana, South America
  2. Started taking college-level math and science classes in middle school; also developed a passion for computer coding
  3. Majored in Biology and Anthropology at Swarthmore College
  4. Entered the world of healthcare data
  5. Enlisted in the Army as an Infantryman, then joined the National Guard to complete two tours
  6. Left the Army to pursue a career path that combines healthcare, data, and tech fields
  7. Earned a BSN with a focus on projects to improve patience safety while using the hospital’s electronic systems
  8. Earned a PhD in Clinical Informatics at Columbia’s School of Nursing
  9. Arrived at Penn Nursing

Be True To Your School: An Alumni Guide To Giving Back

Penn nursing alumni are leaders in health and healthcare—and that leadership drives alumni to seek ways to support the School and show Penn Nursing pride long after graduation.

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The Environmental Justice League

Penn Nursing is committed to training the next generation of nurses on sustainability and the climate crisis, retooling its curriculum, transforming its physical footprint, and conducting research on how the environment affects vulnerable populations.

Featured Alumni Story

Portrait of Sylvia Hastanan

The Accidental CEO

How one Penn Nursing alumna is centering healthcare around NPs, leading to happier providers and healthier patients.

Shoutout to all the alumni near and far who graced our campus for an unforgettable Penn Alumni Weekend.

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