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Bridging the Gaps Symposium- September 14th, 2018

Bridging the Gaps is committed to forging partnerships with individuals and organizations dedicated to the promotion of health in underserved communities. The Annual Symposium is free to the public and is based on the work of students who have participated in the past program year.

Date: Friday September 14th 8:30am-12:30pm
RSVP by September 7th, 2018.
Participation is FREE!

Location: WHYY, 150 N. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Read more



Two Apps Target Cancer Risk in Marginalized Populations

Two tech-based mobile health interventions aim to reduce the cancer risk among women in marginalized populations. The apps, “Everhealthier Women” and “NowIKnow,” focus on preventive health actions including the HPV vaccine.

Understanding Connection Between HIV Transmission and Racial/ Ethnic and Geographical Differences Key to More Effective Interventions

The health effects of where people live, work, and interact are well documented, as are the value of neighborhood-level structural interventions designed to improve health. But place-based characteristics that contribute to disparities in HIV transmission and disease burden are poorly understood, possibly resulting in less-effective HIV risk reduction interventions and programming.