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Nursing Science Could Help Reduce Firearm Violence and Its Impact

Firearm violence is a significant public health problem worldwide. In the United States, firearms are used to kill almost 100 people daily. Yet despite the staggering impact of firearm violence, there is limited research directed at preventing or addressing its impact on individuals, families and communities. 

Knowledge Under Fire: Penn Faculty Senate Responds With ‘Teach-In’ Series of Free Public Forums and Events

Penn Nursing’s Therese Richmond, PhD, and Terri Lipman, PhD, will both be part of this unique, week-long event. Richmond will be featured as part of “Firearm Violence: Science, Policy & Politics” on Monday, March 19. Lipman will participate in the panel discussion “Developing a Culture of Health” on Wednesday, March 21. The event concludes with a March 22 discussion on the future of education featuring Penn Nursing’s Dean Antonia Villarruel, PhD, and Jennifer Pinto –Martin, PhD.