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Predicting Postinjury Depression and PTSD Risk

Although injury is unexpected and acute, it can result in long-term health problems and disability. Up to half of all patients experience postinjury depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the months after injury, increasing suboptimal recovery, disability, and costs for care. For patients like urban black men, some of whom have experienced prior trauma, childhood adversity and neighborhood disadvantage, acute postinjury stress responses are exacerbated.

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ENRS Names Jacoby a ‘Rising Star’

Penn Nursing’s Sara Jacoby, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Health, and a Senior Fellow in both the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics and the Center for Public Health Initiatives, has been honored with a Rising Star Award from the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS), during its 31st Annual Scientific Sessions in Providence, Rhode Island, April 3-5, 2019. This award recognizes a Junior Investigator that has shown promise in establishing a program of health and/or nursing research.

Nursing Science Could Help Reduce Firearm Violence and Its Impact

Firearm violence is a significant public health problem worldwide. In the United States, firearms are used to kill almost 100 people daily. Yet despite the staggering impact of firearm violence, there is limited research directed at preventing or addressing its impact on individuals, families and communities.