A Hillman Scholar in Nursing Innovation, Eileen’s research interests are adolescent and women’s sport’s injuries. As a result, her advisers are Dr. Catherine McDonald and Dr. Terry Richmond.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Eileen graduated from Yale University in 2010. Her degree is in History of Medicine with a focus on women’s health.

Eileen wrote her senior thesis on the history of a clinic that was started in New Haven in the 1960’s, and offered obstetrical care for teen mothers called the Young Mother’s Program. This clinic was worthy of a senior thesis because it was the first to offer what would today be considered “bundled care” to a high-risk group with successful outcomes. In this new generation of medicine that is trying to improve quality while decreasing cost, perhaps we should look back in time for some new ideas.

Two weeks after graduating from Yale, Eileen moved to China and taught medical English at Xiangya Medical School in Changsha, Hunan province for two years.