After growing up in a small town in central Massachusetts, Elizabeth started at Penn Nursing in the Hillman Scholars program in 2012.

Elizabeth became interested in research after completing the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring (PURM) program in the summer of 2014. This research experience involved conducting telephone follow-up interviews with children who had been on mechanical ventilation in the pediatric ICU. The goal was to evaluate how their quality of life was affected following the hospitalization. After conducting these interviews, Elizabeth developed an interest in family-centered follow-up care, and is now working on a project about bereavement outcomes in parents of children who did not survive the PICU. 

Elizabeth is currently working with Dr. Martha Curley’s RESTORE data and qualitative interview data to explore the clinical presentation and perceived needs of patients and their families during end-of-life care in the PICU. Her overarching research interest is to better understand nurse-parent engagement during end-of-life care, and identify mechanisms by which to strengthen this partnership and better prepare nurses to provide care to very ill children and their families at the end of life.