Marco Gidaro started working as an ER nurse in level 1 trauma centers in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. From there, he went to grad school here in Philadelphia for anesthesia and an MSN.

He now has been working as a CRNA for 20 years thus far in a level 1 trauma center, high risk OB and transplant hospital performing all modalities of anesthesia.

Outside of his career, Marco is a proud dad, husband, poker player, foodie and world traveler.

I see students as blank canvases who are eager to learn our great profession. I am privileged to have the opportunity to teach them and help them be professional and impactful providers. I often tell students that anesthesia doesn’t get easier, rather, they ‘handle hard better’ as they grow and learn.


  • BSN, Holy Family College, 1994
  • MSN, LaSalle University, 2003

Selected Career Highlights

Published on the use of nasal variable positive airway pressure during anesthesia. Traveled nationally educating anesthesia providers on the use and implementation of this novel technique. Multiple major university medical centers now utilize the technique because of our work and advocacy for its use. Patient anesthesia care has become safer as a result.