Jane H. Barnsteiner

Professor Emerita of Pediatric Nursing - Clinician Educator

Dr. Barnsteiner received her BSN and MSN degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and her PhD from the University of Michigan. In addition to her multiple academic roles in the School, she served as Director of Nursing for Translational Research at the University of Pennsylvania Health System and served as Director of Nursing Practice and Research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In this latter role, she spearheaded the development of a model, structure, and system for the formal and informal dissemination of evidence-based practices.

Dr. Barnsteiner models in all her writings and actions an integrative model for practice, research, and education. She was the founding editor of The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing, and sits on the editorial or manuscript review boards for a number of other nationally known journals. Other national contributions include serving on the American Academy of Nursing Expert Panel on Children and Families and the Fellow Selection Committee. She is one of the developers of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative and is a leader in patient safety and quality improvement. She is the editor of Translational Research and QI for the American Journal of Nursing.


Dr. Barnsteiner is a national mentor, a resource, and a consultant for individuals and organizations on patient safety and quality improvement.

Selected Publications

  • Disch, J. & Barnsteiner, J. (2021). QSEN in an Amazon World. American Journal of Nursing. 121(3):40-46.

  • Barnsteiner, J. Kennedy, S., Flanagan, A. & Seitman, C. (2020). Nursing Journal

    Policies on Disclosure and Management of Conflicts of Interest. Journal of

    Nursing Scholarship. 52(6):680-687.

  • Barnsteiner J. & Disch J. (2018). Role of the chief nurse officer in ensuring person-

    and family-centered care. Nurs Adm Q. 2018 Jul/Sep;42(3): 284-290.

  • Barnsteiner, J & Disch, J. (2017). Creating a fair and just culture in schools of nursing.

    American Journal of Nursing. 117(11):58-64

  • Blegen, MA., Spector, N., Lynn, MR., Barnsteiner, J., & Ulrich, BT. (2017). Newly

    licensed RN retention: Hospital and nurse characteristics. JONA. 47(10):508-514.

  • Burke, K., Johnson, T., Sites, C., & Barnsteiner, J (2017). Creating an evidence-based progression for clinical advancement programs. American Journal of Nursing. 117(5):22-38.

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