Afaf I. Meleis Director for the Center for Global Women’s Health
Practice Associate Professor of Nursing
Director, Women’s Health/Gender-Related Nurse Practitioner Track

Wendy D. Grube has always been passionate about helping underserved women find their voices and advocate for their own health needs, especially for their reproductive health.

Her work to advance the well-being of women encompasses teaching, clinical work, global health projects, and directing Penn Nursing’s Women’s Health/Gender Related Care Nurse Practitioner Program.

Dr. Grube’s work spans rural West Virginia, rural India, and Pennsylvania. Underserved women living in rural Appalachia suffer disproportionately from cervical cancer, considered to be a preventable disease. Many women don’t get Pap tests because of lack of availability or distrust of health care providers, as well as complex social situations that create barriers to care. To address this inequity, during each spring break week since 2006, Dr. Grube takes about 20 graduate and undergraduate students to rural West Virginia where, in collaboration with women leaders in the community, they provide free care and health education for women.

Through this field experience, students learn how to partner with communities to identify and address health needs. They explore how nurses can empower women to become their own advocates in  patient-provider relationships. This project is funded through small grants from the community leaders as well as fundraising activities by students.

“When women are respected as experts in their lives and share in setting their health goals, they are likely to make the best decisions for themselves.


  • PhD , University of Pennsylvania, 2010
  • MSN, University of Pennsylvania, 1982
  • BSN, Pennsylvania State University, 1971