Assistant Professor of Nursing
Director, Health Equity & Media Lab

With an early interest in health disparities and media and a PhD in health communication, Robin C. Stevens’ research focuses on public health communication, health equity, new media and technology, and sexual health and substance use among youth of color

Using mixed methods including interviews, surveys, and content analysis, Dr. Stevens’ current studies highlight the “Digital Neighborhood. The Digital Neighborhood or digital hood is defined as the online space where social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat converge and allow youth to interact and share information, create, and reinforce norms on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

“My research lies at the intersection of public health and communications. I focus on how media influences can be used to intervene on health risk behaviors.” 


  • PhD, University of Pennsylvania , 2009
  • MPH, University of Michigan, 2003
  • AB, Harvard College, 1999