Terri Lipman, PhD, CRNP, FAAN

Professor of Nursing of Children

Assistant Dean for Community Engagement

Miriam Stirl Endowed Term Professor of Nutrition

Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

While working as a nurse at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Terri Lipman realized that the core of managing diabetes was educating children and familiesa role that was tremendously gratifying.

As a pediatric nurse practitioner in the Division of Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Dr. Lipman maintains a clinical practice – caring for  children with diabetes and other endocrine disorders. Questions from her clinical practice guide her research and teaching.  

I partner with families and communities to develop innovative care models to reduce disparities and improve the lives of children and families.


  • PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1991
  • CRNP, University of Pennsylvania, 1993
  • MSN, University of Pennsylvania, 1983
  • BSN, Temple University, 1975

Social Justice

Throughout Dr. Lipman’s career, her practice, teaching and research have been committed to health equity and community engagement and are grounded in social justice. Her research is focused on the identification of racial disparities in the treatment and outcomes of children with diabetes, and developing innovative strategies- through addressing social determinants of health- to reduce disparities in marginalized, vulnerable children who are at the highest risk for morbidity and mortality. She is also studying provider bias and the impact of structural racism in the provision of diabetes care. Her data have demonstrated that diabetes outcomes cannot be improved if there are significant unaddressed social barriers impeding the delivery of complex and demanding care in the home.


With colleagues from the schools of social policy and practice and medicine, Dr. Lipman co-directs a graduate course in leadership in community engagement. Students from nursing, medicine, public health, social work, and education take this course, which includes community engagement  experiences. She also teaches a course in advanced pediatric physical assessment, the core clinical course for graduate pediatric acute care nurse practitioner students.


With funding from NIH, Dr. Lipman is convening community members, faith-based organizations, school personnel, clinicians, health department officials, and researchers to collaborate on a strategic vision to increase physical activity in youth and their families in West Philadelphia, where the poverty rate is among the highest in the country. The School District of Philadelphia, Penn’s Center for Public Health Initiatives, and the Penn Netter Center for Community Partnerships are collaborating on this project.  

Dr. Lipman was one of 200 authors of the Pennsylvania Diabetes Action Plan, part of the Pennsylvania Chronic Care Initiative, and she chaired the state’s Diabetes Surveillance Committee. Dr. Lipman’s multicenter study on the accuracy of growth assessment resulted in the Linear Growth Assessment Program, which has been designated as an Edge Runner Program by the American Academy of Nursing. The program has been used in 65 cities in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe. and Latin America. 

Clinical Practice

As a clinician educator, Dr. Lipman mentors the scholarship of advanced practice nurses and endocrine fellows at CHOP. By precepting students at CHOP, students learn by example. 

Opportunities to Learn and Collaborate at Penn Nursing

As assistant dean for community engagement, Dr. Lipman works to integrate community-based learning and research opportunities for students throughout the curriculum. She is also the faculty director of the Community Champions program, which provides undergraduate students with expanded opportunities for community engagement. 

Selected Career Highlights

  • Elected Member, Society for Pediatric Research  
  • Norma M. Lang Distinguished Award for Scholarly Practice and Policy, Boston 
  • Spirit of Nursing Award-University of Massachusetts 
  • Bronze Telly Award, Pediatric History Taking: On the Path to Clinical Decision-Making 
  • Excellence in Nursing Research Award, Society of Pediatric Nursing

Accepting Mentees?

  • Yes

Accepting Fellows?

  • Yes

Selected Publications

  • Lipman, TH, Hawkes, CP (2021). Racial and socioeconomic disparities in pediatric type 1 diabetes: Time for a paradigm shift in approach. Diabetes Care, 44(1): 14-16. (invited commentary). https://doi.org/10.2337/dci20-0048 

  • Flores DD, Bocage C, Devlin S, Miller M, Savarino A, Lipman TH (2021). When community
    immersion becomes distance learning: Lessons learned from a disrupted semester. Pedagogy in Health Promotion, 7 (1); 1-5. https://doi.org/10.1177/2373379920963596 

  • Lipman, T.H., Smith, J.A., Patil, O., Willi, S., Hawkes, C.P. (2020). Racial disparities in treatment and outcomes of children with type 1 diabetes. Pediatric Diabetes. https://doi.org/10.1111/pedi.13139

  • Lai, C. W., Lipman, T. H., Willi, S. M., & Hawkes, C. P. (2020). Racial and ethnic disparities in rates of continuous glucose monitor initiation and continued use in children with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes care, dc201663. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.2337/dc20-1663.

  • *Lipman, T. H., Willi, S. M., Lai, C. W., Smith, J. A., Patil, O., & Hawkes, C. P. (2020). Insulin pump use in children with type 1 diabetes: Over a decade of disparities. Journal of pediatric nursing, 55, 110–115. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pedn.2020.08.007

  • *Kaushal, T., Katz, L., Joseph, J., Marowitz, M., Morales, K. H., Atkins, D., Ritter, D., Simon, R., Laffel, L., & Lipman, T. H. (2020). A Text Messaging Intervention with Financial Incentive for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes. Journal of diabetes science and technology, 1932296820952786. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1177/1932296820952786

  • Schroeder, K, Deatrick, JA, Klusaritz, H, Bowman, C, Williams, TT, Lee, J, Mills G, Privette, D, Earley, D, Aguilar L, Lipman TH. (2020). Using a community workgroup approach to increase access to physical activity in an under-resourced urban community. Health Promotion Practice, 21(1), 5-11.

  • *Atkins R, Luo R, Wunnenberg M, Ayres C, Lipman TH, Pena-Cardinali V, Hayes L, Deatrick JA (2020). Contributors to depressed mood in black single mothers. Issues Ment Health Nurs. Jan;41(1):38-48. doi: 10.1080/01612840.2019.1631414. Epub 2019 Aug 19.

  • *Hausman-Cohen S, Asamoah N, Yee C, Braun I, Shick M, Abdallah A, Morone J, Lipman TH. (2020). Community organizations’ perspectives on the impact of a nursing student-led academic-community partnership program. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 10(8):9-15.

  • *Benson CE, Feinberg, J, Abdallah A, Lipman TH. (2020). Community champions: A mixed methods study on volunteer recruitment and retention in community engagement. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 10(6):19-25.

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