Professor of Nursing
Professor, Department of History and Sociology of Science
Chair, Department of Biobehavioral Health Sciences
Endowed Chair, Nightingale Professor in Honor of Nursing Veterans
Co-Director, RWJF Future of Nursing Scholars Program

Julie A. Fairman has always been inspired by history. Her research, writing, and teaching illuminate the ways 20th century events have shaped current nursing and health care practice and policy.

Her article, “History Counts: How History Can Shape Our Understanding of Health Policy,” co-authored with Penn Nursing colleague Patricia D’Antonio, won the 2015 American Academy of Nursing Excellence in Media Award. Her book Making Room in the Clinic: Nurse Practitioners and the Evolution of Modern Health Care, which examines the growth of the nurse practitioner movement, won the Lavinia Dock Award for Exemplary Historical Research Writing.

“History shapes nursing and health care practice and policy because it shows us what works, what doesn’t, and how context shapes our thinking.”


  • PhD , University of Pennsylvania, 1992
  • MSN, University of Pennsylvania, 1980
  • BSN , Albright College, 1976