Associate Professor of Nursing
Vice-Chair, Department of Family and Community Health
Assistant Professor in Nursing in Pediatrics, School of Medicine

Injury, which is largely preventable, is the leading cause of death in adolescents in the U.S.

As a pediatric intensive care, emergency department, and school nurse, Dr. McDonald saw the effects of the risky behaviors that teens engage in firsthand. Now, she’s studying ways to address these risky behaviors, such as texting while driving, to prevent injuries and promote health.

Dr. McDonald’s research examines the complex interplay of factors that contribute to adolescent morbidity and mortality associated with injury. Dr. McDonald’s scholarly contributions to adolescent injury prevention inform strategies to promote health and prevent negative health outcomes. 

“Injury is the leading cause of death in adolescents and addressing behaviors that contribute to injury is of vital importance in promoting later adult health. ”


  • PhD , University of Pennsylvania , 2010
  • MSN, Monmouth University, 2006
  • BSN, Villanova University , 2000