Alaina Hall

Primary Care in Sierra Leone with Doctors Without Borders

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Alaina Hall

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BSN ’18

Would you like to explore the routes a nurse can take to get involved in and contribute to global health? Attend this special Global Bites session and you will learn about the many roads one of our graduates has traveled so far in her early career. Alaina Hall’s journey began in high school with a visit to an orphanage in Mexico and it never stopped. Whether she was completing her degree at Penn or working with diverse populations in major US cities, Alaina continued to seek out ways to care for members of diverse and often under-resourced communities. Her global engagement includes a year in Mexico as a President’s Engagement Prize winner and her current year in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Alaina will share how her Penn Nursing education and the professional knowledge and skills acquired since graduating with her BSN in 2018 contribute to her work with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). Learn about the health system that she has encountered, its strengths and challenges, and the impact she hopes to make. In Sierra Leone, Alaina’s project supports small clinics in rural districts as well as a larger urgent care/emergency room with a referral system. Join us and bring your questions!

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