Sharifah Wilson, MSN, CRNA


I have been in healthcare for 21 years. I started out as a surgical technologist with a goal of becoming a Nurse Anesthetist. For the past 8 years, I have been working as a nurse anesthetist and enjoy every aspect of my career. It is rewarding to provide an enriching educational experience to the student nurse anesthetist through teaching and preceptorship.

In simulation learning, we provide and foster an environment where student nurse anesthetist can integrate classroom didactics with real-life scenarios. Helping to prepare the students for their clinical rotations.


  • BSN, Drexel University, 2008
  • MSN, LaSalle University, 2015

Social Justice

With my time during the pediatric boot camp, it was important to me that minoritized student nurse anesthetist saw CRNA’s that looked like them. It’s crucial to provide a space in which all students learn from professionals who share their background, yet provide each student the opportunity to understand that CRNA’s of color provide a safe learning environment for everyone. This is how we all learn from each other in a growing profession.


  • University of Pennsylvania Pediatrics Boot Camp Simulation 2/22/2022
  • University of Pennsylvania Pediatrics Boot Camp Simulation 2/21/2023

Opportunities to Learn and Collaborate at Penn Nursing

Prior to becoming a Penn employee I collaborated with the nurse anesthesia program in teaching within the pediatric simulation pediatric boot camp. This gave me the opportunity to share my expertise in pediatric anesthesia with first year student nurse anesthetist.

Selected Career Highlights

Co-authored two chapters in a pediatric anesthesia textbook:

“Pediatric Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Approach to Safe and Effective Care” Chapter – Temperature Monitoring and Perioperative Thermoregulation. Co-Authored Bent, D. and Wilson, S.

“Pediatric Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Approach to Safe and Effective Care”
Section – Anesthesia Care of the patient undergoing Circumcision.Co-Authored Bent D., Wilson, S.

Accepting Mentees?

  • Yes

Accepting Fellows?

  • No