Lily Keohane

Lily Keohane




Norwell, MA

NP Track at Penn

Pediatric Primary Care

Keohane has moved from one coast of the U.S. to the other—and back. She grew up in Norwell, Massachusetts, did her undergraduate work and clinical rotations here in Philadelphia, moved to California where she worked as a Pediatric Oncology nurse at an Infusion Center at Stanford Hospital, and now she has moved back to Massachusetts, this time to Boston for a position in the Stem Cell Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital.


Keohane’s work in pediatrics has been varied, but her clinical rotation in Philadelphia with pediatric bone marrow transplant patients moved her to understand the stark health care disparities at work in underserved communities and vulnerable populations. She says, “My patients’ stories became a powerful catalyst for me, fueling my passion to bridge the gap in health care disparities and ensure that every individual, regardless of their background, receives the care and support they deserve.” This includes mental health care services, which Keohane feels should be integrated into primary care models as a means of providing holistic care.


When Keohane was younger and considering what she might want to do with her life, she only had to look to her mother as an example. She says, “I watched as she went from working nights, working multiple jobs, to building a career in nursing centered around how to improve care for all patients. She has dedicated her life to this profession and has inspired me in all aspects of my life.” That is probably why, when Keohane found that she’d been named a Leonard A. Lauder Fellow, her mom was the first person she called to tell her the news.

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