Aaron Possin headshot

Aaron Possin, MSN, MBA

As OMC’s Emergency Department Director, I have worked to rebuild the department following the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent critical nursing shortages. This has required implementing creative staffing models as well as building teamwork through implementing a strong shared governance model within the department. I have utilized a transformational leadership model in implementing large scale process improvement in many key areas of the department. Data driven analytics are a passion of mine and have been one of the primary drivers of change throughout my career. This has been especially true in our current healthcare environment where data analytics are utilized daily to identify areas for improvement as well validate the results of current as well as past projects. Analytics are also regularly utilized to show staff the results of their amazing work. Throughout the many challenges of the past three years, I have viewed change as not only a reality, but as a necessity in continuing to provide high quality healthcare in our ever-changing world.