SON Student Opportunities: Hong Kong & COIL

Presented By

Nancy Biller, Abigail Borland, Esther Lee, Jade Margolis, Michele Wu, Jessey Yang

Presentation Date


The office of Global Health Affairs held a virtual information session during which a presentation was given on the general information on the global opportunities available for Penn Nursing students. In addition to the general overview, this session had a special focus on two unique N5350 virtual global opportunities: Hong Kong and Multinational Exchange (COIL). The presentation hour included a question & answer session with Abigail Borland (BSN ’25), Esther Lee (BSN ’25), Jade Margolis (BSN ’23), Michele Wu (BSN ’24) and Jessey Yang (Gap Year ’25) who participated in the 2021 programs.

Hong Kong
The major aim of this course is to provide a comparative view of aging, public health, and allopathic, traditional, and complementary treatment in Hong Kong and the United States within the perspectives of nursing, medicine, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Virtual classroom experiences are designed to build knowledge of how the U.S. and H.K. compare in demographics and aging; health and illness; and health and social care.

The major aim of this course is to compare the response of nursing and midwifery to global health crises transcontinental with collaborating partners from different countries. Virtual class experiences are designed to keep pace with changing responses to a specific global health crisis topic including novel pandemics (e.g., COVID-19) or long-established concerns (e.g., social isolation, social discrimination, or climate change). Students conduct fieldwork to enrich their understanding of how nurses are faced and dealing with a global health crisis. This course also aims to provide a forum for cultural exchange among students from the countries participating to share cultural activities and experiences in addition to discussing changes in nursing, midwifery, and health care.