NURS5350 Comparative Elder Care - Hong Kong and the World


Hong Kong, SAR, China


All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome

Program Length

10 weeks with no travel

Dates Offered

16 May to 18 July 2024 

Course Number

NURS 5350-003

Course Director

Sarah H. Kagan PhD, RN

Course Description

This course offers students an opportunity to: 1) expand their knowledge base in health care systems; 2) develop intercultural competency skills and 3) shape a conceptual framework for improving the quality of health care for the individual, the family, the community and society at large. Emphasizes the relational, contextual nature of health care and the inseparability of the notions of the health of individuals and the health of family, society, and culture. Includes field experience. 

Section Description:
This virtual international course in comparative systems of care for older people takes an Age Friendly approach to aging and public health. It employs a partnership between the University of Hong Kong and the University of Pennsylvania as the basis for building a global perspective on care for older people. It examines topics from ageism, the climate crisis, and gerontechnology to hospital care, social welfare, and care at the end of life, drawing on renowned experts from around the world. Learners use professional reflection and critical comparison to generate relevant situational analyses and Age Friendly innovation through interactive synchronous sessions and a series of focused individual assignments.




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Spring Semester registration with permit to register


Several short, written assignments and class participation

Finances/Program Costs

No cost. Spring semester tuition covers this course.


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