Multinational Virtual Nursing and Midwifery Exchange on Response to the Climate Crisis and Sustainable Healthcare


17 partner schools on 5 continents


All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible

Program Length

10 weeks during Spring Semester. Exchange is virtual with no travel.

Dates Offered

27 January to 4 May 2024

Course Number

NURS 5350-005

Course Director

Sarah H. Kagan, PhD, RN

Maria S. White, MSN, RN

Nina A. Juntereal, BSN, RN

Emma P. Blakey, PhD, RN

Kiara Perez (Research Assistant) 

Course Description

This course offers students an opportunity to: 1) expand their knowledge base in health care systems; 2) develop intercultural competency skills and 3) shape a conceptual framework for improving the quality of health care for the individual, the family, the community and society at large. Emphasizes the relational, contextual nature of health care and the inseparability of the notions of the health of individuals and the health of family, society, and culture. Includes field experience. 

Section Description:
This virtual multi-national exchange for nursing and midwifery students from Penn Nursing and partners schools across five continents focuses on nursing and midwifery response to the planetary crisis, climatological effects on health and wellbeing, and creation of sustainable healthcare. Learners use professional reflection and critical comparison to prompt situational analyses, understand relevant science, and generate planet and climate friendly health and social care innovation.




Registration Details

Spring Semester registration with permit to register


Several short written assignments using social media and other tools

Finances/Program Costs

No cost. Spring Semester tuition covers this exchange.


Please complete this survey to request a permit to register:

Application Deadline

Complete the request for a permit to register no later than the end of the Course Selection period in Spring Semester.

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