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Twitter Spaces Promoting Civic Engagement in Nursing



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On this special live Twitter Spaces event, Amplify Nursing podcast hosts Marion Leary and Dr. Angela DiDonato as they talk with Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Batchelor about the critical need for nurses to be more civically engaged. There has never been a more critical time for nurses to be civically engaged because when nurses are engaged, we have safer, healthier, and more equitable communities.

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Alison Hernandez PhD, RN is a former 2019-2020 Health and Aging Policy Fellow turned hill staffer. You can listen to Dr. Hernandez’s Amplify Nursing podcast episode here.

Melissa Batchelor PhD, RN FNP, FAAN is a scientist, author, and speaker. She was a 2018-2019 Health and Aging Policy Fellow, serving the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging. She hosts a weekly podcast called This is Getting Old: Moving Towards an Age-Friendly World.