Chinese Language and Cultural Immersion at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan

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Chantalle Dupont

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Penn Nursing Degree(s)


Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Chantalle Dupont is a fourth year undergraduate BSN student with a Global Health minor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Despite challenges brought by COVID-19 restrictions, Chantalle traveled to Taipei to study Mandarin at National Taiwan University’s International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) in May 2021. At the conclusion of her four months abroad, Chantalle applied her language skills and knowledge as a Penn nursing student to give a final presentation on Taiwan’s healthcare system and the progression of Taiwan’s aging population crisis.

Come hear how she did it, the obstacles she had to overcome, the amazing progress she made during intensive Mandarin language studies, and the tremendous amount of insight she gained into the general public health measures in Taiwan and the specific topic she researched, “Taiwan’s Aging Population Crisis and Migrant Care Regime.”