After a 30-year career with the Pennsylvania State Police, George Cronin joined the faculty at Penn Nursing, bringing the unique perspective of an investigator on homicide cases, sexual assaults, and other violent crimes. As a lecturer for courses in the school’s Forensic Science minor, Dr. Cronin combines his practical experiences of participating in more than 3,000 death investigations and more than 200 criminal homicide cases with his scholarly insight as a PhD in criminal justice.  


Undergraduate and graduate and students learn about the application of science in law and its role in determining the truth. They also gain an understanding of the impact of justice-related events on the human experience and the role of health care professionals in forensic cases.

“We teach students at Penn Nursing about how forensic science and health care intersect, and about the role of nurses in forensic cases.”


  • PhD, Temple University , 2008
  • MS, Shippensburg University , 1997