Peace Corps Rural Community Health Volunteer Zambia

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Page Miller

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Penn Nursing Degree(s)

BSN ’20

Page Miller served as a community health volunteer with the Peace Corps in Eastern and Lusaka provinces, Zambia from 2012-2014. For the first year, she was stationed in the small village of Chaingo in the district of Chadiza. In Chaingo, people predominantly identified with Nyanja/ Chewa culture and the local economy was built on subsistence farming. Page was based out of the closest rural health clinic in the neighboring village of John’s Farms where she focused projects on topics such as: girl’s empowerment, reversing gender roles, nutrition, malaria prevention, and reducing HIV/AIDS stigmatization. As part of her service, Page also spent time with the entomology research team at the National Malaria Control Center working with the Government of Zambia researching insecticide resistance in malaria vectors and implementing national control interventions.