Global Health Journey: Lisa He-Wu, BSN Student

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Lisa He-Wu

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Penn Nursing Degree(s)

BSN ’20

Lisa He-Wu transferred to the School of Nursing in Spring 2018 from the College of Arts and Sciences and will graduate with her BSN degree in December 2020. In this Global Bites session she will share her journey – first to nursing and then to a pursuit of global opportunities.

Growing up as a Puerto Rican-Chinese-American, Lisa witnessed first-hand the challenges that face marginalized communities. Her own family had difficulty navigating the language and cultural barriers within the healthcare system — difficulties great enough to sometimes prevent them from seeking needed care. These experiences fueled Lisa’s desire to make a difference in the lives of all of her patients, with a special emphasis on members of marginalized communities.

As a nursing student, Lisa sought out opportunities that would help her become a stronger advocate for her patients. This, coupled with her passion to learn about different cultures, led her to multiple countries and experiences. The countries were Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, Mexico (Oaxaca and CDMX), and the United Kingdom (Oxford). The experiences included short-term courses, guided independent study, internships, and a semester abroad.