Shailah Bevan served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya, Africa from 2012-2014 as a Public Health Volunteer. She worked in a small health clinic which sparked her initial interest in nursing. Upon returning to the states, Shailah attended Johns Hopkins ABSN program then worked at Healthcare for the Homeless (HCH) in Baltimore, MD as a public health nurse from 2016 to 2019.

Although she loved working for HCH, Shailah decided she wanted to continue her nursing service abroad before she became a nurse practitioner.  She applied for a Peace Corps Response position working as a Public Health Data Analyst. She worked in collaboration with a small health NGO who partnered with rural health clinics in the Plateaux region of Togo. She was able to utilize her nursing knowledge to educate her partners on how to collect, evaluate, monitor and analyze raw public health data for different projects. Accurate healthcare data and nursing care quality go hand in hand. Shailah always wanted to become an NP and I believed that patient- centered care comes not only from excelling in school but from providing care that is respectful and receptive to each patient’s individual needs. She believes that her diverse nursing background, in part thanks to these Peace Corps experiences, will aid her in that regard.