What are you currently doing?

I am a manager at NYU Langone Medical Center Tisch Hospital in the main operating room.

How did NHCM prepare you for your current role or life after graduation?

The rigorous and challenging course work is truly an amazing accomplishment upon graduation, and it helps you adjust to the demands of the real world.  Going into nursing after graduation, the business side of my degree allowed me possess the skills to move up within leadership, making me the youngest member of our leadership team.

What was your favorite aspect of the NHCM program?

My favorite aspect was the camaraderie with my fellow NHCM classmates.  I am still best friends with a lot of my classmates.   

What were you involved in as a student at Penn?

Intramural basketball, Penn Nursing Peer Advisor, South Asia Society and Phi Gamma Nu.  I also conducted research with Dr. Matthew McHugh at the School of Nursing focusing on the economic impact the new rules for HACs (hospital acquired conditions) had on healthcare.

What do you think you’ll be doing five years from now?

I hope to continue to gain experience in leadership within perioperative services, and eventually be on the track to be a VP of Periop at a major institution.