What are you currently doing?

I’m currently staying at home with my kids, but prior to that, I was an Executive Director for an Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Care Community.

How did NHCM prepare you for your current role or life after graduation?

The combination of business and nursing really came in handy for my job in assisted living. Because of the specialized program, I got many job interviews right out of college and was hired in a Marketing Director role even though I had no experience and the position required 5+ years in the industry.  My CEO was very forward-thinking, innovative, and an outside-the-box kind of person, so he thought my specialized educational background would be good for the position regardless of the lack of professional experience. I went on to grow with the company and was accepted into their Executive Director in training program after 2 years with the company.

What was your favorite aspect of the NHCM program?

I loved the variety of classes I was exposed to and had the opportunity to take (from finance to pharmacology to statistics to nursing clinicals). I also loved the closeness of the people in our program - our regular pizza party meetings with other students and advisors in the program.

What were you involved in as a student at Penn?

Christian community/clubs, an a cappella group, and the Korean Student Association.

What do you think you’ll be doing five years from now?

I’d like to still be in the geriatric field - hopefully either starting my own business with my husband (who is a geriatrician) or continuing in the Assisted Living/senior industry, which is my passion.