140210 Nurse Leader Magazine - Dr. Frank Shaffer

Franklin A. Shaffer, EdD, Sc D, RN, FAAN, FFNMRCSI

Dr. Franklion A. Shaffer earned his doctorate in nursing administration and nursing education at Columbia University and has 50 years of progressive and varied nursing experience which includes administration, education, clinical and research. He is a frequent speaker and consultant at domestic and international conferences and conventions around the world.

His recent work includes the National Nursing Assessment Service project which provides a leading-edge technology-based assessment system to evaluate the credentials of foreign-educated nurses seeking licensure across provinces in Canada. Dr. Shaffer is also a principle investigator for the International Labor Organization’s Decent Work Across Borders Initiative, focusing on comparative analyses of nursing education and migration issues involving Denmark, Finland, India, Norway and the Philippines.

Through his passion for nursing and research, Shaffer has authored eight books, and co-authored numerous publications including, “Document Forensics: Evaluating and Verifying Nurse Credentials”, for the Journal of Nursing Regulations, Drs. Shaffer, Phillips and Tuttas, co-authors; and “Human Resources for Health 2030 and the regulatory agenda,” for the Journal of Nursing Management, Drs. David Benton and Franklin Shaffer, co-authors.