Dr. Regina Nailon currently works as a Manager of Nursing Outcomes with Nebraska Medicine, as well as a Clinical Nurse Researcher at the Nebraska Medical Center. In these positions, Dr. Nailon provides vision and direction for research and use of data in clinical decision making. Her own research is focused on improving health outcomes and what health care infrastructure is needed for safe and appropriate care.


Recent Publications

Jones, K. J., Venema, D. M., Nailon, R., Skinner, A. M., High, R., & Kennel, V. (2015). Shifting the paradigm: an assessment of the quality of fall risk reduction in Nebraska hospitals. The Journal of Rural Health, 31(2), 135-145.

Nailon, R., & Rupp, M. E. (2015). A community collaborative to develop consensus guidelines to standardize out-of-hospital maintenance care of central venous catheters. Journal of Infusion Nursing, 38(2), 115-121.

Nailon, R. E., Schwedhelm, S., Egan, M. J., Watson, S., Nuss, S. L., & Morris, R. (2015). ED Greeter Nurse: Transforming Triage and Improving Patient Care Outcomes. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 41(3), 265-267.

Snide, J., & Nailon, R. (2013). Nursing staff innovations result in improved patient satisfaction. AJN The American Journal of Nursing, 113(10), 42-50.