Jeffrey H. Silber, MD, PhD

  • 2716 South Street, Room 5123, Philadelphia, PA 19146
    Phone:  (215) 590-2540

Dr. Jeffrey H. Silber helped to establish the Center for Outcomes Research with Dr. William Greeley in 1997 and has served as its director since its inception.  Dr. Silber is an internationally known authority on outcomes measurement and severity adjustment for both adult and pediatric applications. Much of his recent work focuses on the use of multivariate matching when comparing outcomes, specifically with respect to problems in both pediatric and adult medicine and surgery, disparities, and cancer. Dr. Silber’s current research interests include the development of new health care outcome measures, statistical methodology in outcomes research including multivariate matching, clinical economics, measuring health care quality, health care disparities, medical decision making and outcomes of care in cancer.