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Working with the local community to improve health has been of critical importance to Rebecca Snyder Phillips since her days as a community health nursing student at Penn. As more healthcare moves into the community setting, and the social determinants of health play an increasing role in health, Ms. Phillips focuses much of her community work at Penn Nursing on efforts to bring the community and school together to identify local health needs and discuss strategies to promote the health of the community.

Engaging Students in the Community and the Classroom

This work includes providing opportunities for students to work with community members, as well as focusing on community health and the social determinants of health in the classroom. Through Penn Nursing’s Healthy In Philadelphia Initiative, for example, Ms. Phillips also chairs the annual Wellness Day steering committee.

Wellness Day provides students with opportunities to provide health screenings; educate children and adults on health promotion; encourage dancing, movement, and other fitness activities; and more. Penn Nursing co-sponsored the 6th annual community Wellness Day in 2016 with Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia, a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly that provides comprehensive nursing, medical, health, recreational and social services to help older adults live independently at home.

“We at Penn Nursing believe that success in building healthy communities begins with listening to the needs of the community.”


  • MSN, University of Pennsylvania , 1975
  • BSN, University of Pennsylvania , 1970