Director of Professional Nursing Practice and Innovation at University of Kentucky HealthCare, Lexington, Kentucky


Dr. Robyn Cheung is the Director of Professional Nursing Practice & Innovation at UK HealthCare. Cheung began her nursing career in 1981 as an ADN-prepared registered nurse and obtained her BSN and MSN in 1987 and 1989 from the University of KY College of Nursing. In 2002 she obtained her PhD at the University of South Florida where her dissertation work focused on the associations of nurses and nurse staffing with patient outcomes. In 2002, Dr. Cheung began a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research. Mentored by Dr. Linda Aiken and colleagues, Dr. Cheung was a significant contributor to a 2003 ground breaking paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrating lower mortality rates in hospitals that employed higher proportions of BSN-prepared nurses. This finding was a key driver behind the call for 80% baccalaureate prepared nurses by 2020. During her tenure as a post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Cheung authored and co-authored several papers published in peer-reviewed journals. In her current role as the Director of Professional Nursing Practice & Innovation, Dr. Cheung oversees translation of evidence into nursing practice and facilitates clinical inquiry to promote evidence-based projects.