Associate Professor of Evidence-Based Practice

When Linda Hatfield was a clinical nurse, babies were routinely treated as if they didn’t feel pain.

As director of Nursing Research and Science at Pennsylvania Hospital, Dr. Hatfield developed the infrastructure for nurses to conduct and disseminate research and evidence-based practices and assists them in doing this. This work contributed to Pennsylvania Hospital’s Magnet designation in 2015. Interventions such as inserting catheters in arteries were done without any pain management. Dr. Hatfield believed that babies did feel pain and, beginning with her doctoral dissertation, set out to prove this — and to identify and develop behavioral and environmental interventions for pain management in babies.

“Babies with unmanaged pain feel greater pain than adults experiencing the same stimulus. I identify evidence-based interventions to manage their pain.”


  • PhD, The Pennsylvania State University, 2006
  • MSN, The Pennsylvania State University, 1997
  • BSN, The Pennsylvania State University, 1985