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Four Students First to Graduate with a Double Major that Includes Nutrition Science

This year, four graduating seniors from Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences and Penn Nursing stand out from the crowd because they are the first students to leave Penn with a double major in their primary area as well as Nutrition Science.

“Our program was approved last academic year, and launched fully in the fall-term of 2016. These new graduates worked efficiently and well to obtain the requirements, and they will always have the distinction of being first at Penn,” says Charlene Compher, PhD, RD, CNSC, LDN, FADA, FASPEN, Director of Nutrition Programs at Penn Nursing.

Nutrition Science, the study of how food and diet influences health and disease, is the cornerstone of wellness for people at all stages of their lives. For all Penn students who major in this area, they embark on a unique, interdisciplinary path – beyond core concepts like dietary behaviors and metabolism, they also have the opportunity to explore such areas as the process of implementing policies and programs on local, national, and global levels to alleviate hunger and anthropological views of the social and ritual significance of food and feasts.

The new graduates all felt that the nutrition major offered a fantastic way to put their science courses into clear, functional frameworks of understanding, particularly for those graduating from the College of Arts & Sciences. And from day one of their first nutrition course, their interest was piqued. As for next steps in their respective careers, they vary from pursuing doctoral work to nursing in a pediatric intensive care unit, but all keep the knowledge gained from their nutrition major very much front of mind.