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Preceptors Make the Decision Easy

Claire Levinson, GNu’16, knows firsthand what helps to make Penn Nursing the number one nursing school in the world. After taking a hiatus from her education, she chose Penn Nursing to complete her degree. And as a recent Family Nurse Practitioner graduate, she is happy to reflect on the School’s unique preceptor program.

“Having been with another program for a few years prior to joining Penn Nursing, I’ve kept in touch with a number of my old classmates, and I hear time and time again that many of them have been unable to complete their clinicals and graduate on time because they were unable to find preceptors. Their program, and the large majority of nursing programs in this country, leave it up to students to do the legwork.

Knowing the reality of this burden, once I was ready to return to school, I decided to only look at programs that had the benefit of School-matched preceptors and clinical sites. As a recent graduate of Penn Nursing, there are three main benefits:

  1. It saves time! When you’re in a rigorous program, you’re not going to have the time to go from door-to-door, looking for preceptors, seeing if they’ll take time to help you.
  2. Penn Nursing vets preceptors for you, so you know that you’re going to have an excellent experience.
  3. You know that the preceptor and clinical site that you’re paired with is going to meet the clinical guidelines as described by the program

If I could offer any advice to prospective clinical-degree students, I would say that choosing a program that selects preceptors for you is key. And as I grow in my career, I hope to one day precept Penn Nursing students in return.”