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Message about New Executive Order on Immigration

As a result of the latest Executive Order from the White House, we want to reaffirm our strong support for and solidarity with all international and Muslim members of our community. 

Together with university leaders around the nation, we recognize and duly respect the need to protect America’s security.  At the same time, the procedures used to vet immigrants should address actual risks, be grounded in evidence, and be free of unwarranted discrimination in keeping with our constitutional principles. As President Gutmann wrote when the first Executive Order was issued: “Immigration strengthens the fabric of this nation and our University.  Immigrants spark innovation, launch new businesses, and enrich our culture and arts.  They are a precious national resource and invaluable to Penn.  We must stand together, united in our support of beloved colleagues, students, friends, and families who, no matter where they come from or how they worship, have contributed so much to our University community and to this country.”

As events move forward, our office of International Student and Scholar Services (215-898-4661) continues to be your best source of information and support.  In particular, all foreign passport holders, including dual nationals and permanent residents, should be in touch with ISSS to understand how changes in immigration policy might affect them.  Students concerned about international travel over summer break should contact their ISSS advisor, and ISSS can also provide any member of the Penn community with important information about best practices and necessary steps for travel in the current landscape. 

Penn Law continues to provide clinics for any member of the Penn community impacted by the Executive Orders.  The next Clinic will be held on Friday, March 24, from 11am–2pm at Greenfield Intercultural Center.  You can register for a consultation here. A third Clinic will be held on April 8.

Penn Global will continuously update resources and information at:  We encourage all students, staff, and faculty who have questions beyond travel and visa status to consult the Dean’s Office in your School about your individual situation. 

We thank all the members of our community for their hard work in these challenging times.  It has never been more vital for us to come together, as one community, to find strength in our diversity.