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TCM Spotlight on a Path to Wellness

Lianna Ansryan, MSN, RN-BC-CNS, with one of the first patients in the Path to Wellness program, modeled after the TCM at Cedars Sinai Health System in Los Angeles.

The Path to Wellness (PTW) program modeled after the TCM at Cedars Sinai Health System in Los Angeles, CA, focuses on the patients who are at least 65 years old and have screened positive for frailty risk during an inpatient hospital stay. The PTW team, with offices in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Delivery Network, is comprised of APNs, Geriatrician, and has ready access to ambulatory case management, social workers, and pharmacist resources.

Lianna Ansryan, MSN, RN-BC-CNS, (pictured above with one of the first recipients of PTW), is an advanced practice registered nurse and reflected on the program’s development and implementation:  The greatest champions in the implementation of PTW has been our interprofessional senior leadership. Their commitment and support was instrumental in the success of our inpatient program to re-engineer care for vulnerable older adults, the pilot program for PTW, and now for the first year of operations. As we implemented our first year PTW as an operational program our biggest champions have been our amazing group of outpatient Nurse Practitioners that provide the home visits to our patients. Their dedication to providing comprehensive geriatric focused care to the patients and families has shown great success.

Currently the PTW program is geographically limited to a 10-mile radius from their central site. A focus area for expansion of the PTW program would include an increase in the geographical catchment and potentially adjusting the age criteria to 55 years and older, in order to provide PTW to a wider span of frail patients at higher-risk.