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Research in Motion to Curb Cell Phone Use While Driving

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Cornerstone blog includes Penn Nursing’s Catherine McDonald and her research on why and how teen drivers crash.

As you’re driving down the expressway, your cell phone pings, and you glance down at an incoming text message from your best friend. Next thing you know, your car slams the guardrail. The crash leaves you with a severe concussion and a serious lesson learned about distracted driving.

Even though most of us know that using a handheld cell phone while driving is dangerous, we still keep doing it. The availability of more and more of our favorite cell phone functions — texting, checking email, playing music, looking up directions, and posting on social media — poses an ever-present temptation. This is especially true for young drivers, whose adolescent minds are cognitively wired towards instant gratification.

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