A Capitol Internship

Last summer, Marissa O. Kesse, a senior at Penn Nursing, took on Washington, D.C. and stepped into the policy world.

“This image marks the last day of orientation and the day before my first day on the Hill. The entire cohort gathered together—63 members placed in Black Congressional Member’s office and C-Suite offices. This day marked the beginning of a life-changing experience. It was such an amazing feeling of comradery as we stood together prepared to take up space in an institution tainted with elitism.”

Photo courtesy of Marissa Kesse Photo courtesy of Marissa Kesse

Marissa was placed in Congressman Dwight Evan’s office through the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and spent three months on the Hill. On campus, she serves as Nursing Chair on the Senior Class Board, Vice President of the Onyx Senior Honor Society, Programming Chair for the Black Student League, and Executive Director for Penn Model Congress. She is a student intern in the Sweeten Alumni Office and serves as a STEM Virtual Instructor for STEM Center USA teaching primarily migrant students based in CA and Colorado. Marissa’s main interest areas include education, healthcare, and policy, and she is dedicated to fostering her interests through service.

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