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National Scholarships for Penn Nursing Students

Five Penn Nursing students have been awarded scholarships from the Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association (FNSNA) for the 2020-21 academic year. The Scholarship Selection Committee, composed of faculty and students, met at FNSNA headquarters earlier in the year to review scholarship applications submitted by hundreds of applicants.

Penn Nursing students who won scholarships are:

  • Claire Caldarola: A $3,000.00 Mary Ann Tuft Scholarship
  • Amanda Chuang: A $3,000.00 Sigma Theta Tau International Scholarship 
  • Charlotte Cecarelli: A $2,500.00 J. Jannetti Career Mobility Scholarship
  • Cassidy Gallagher: A $2,500.00 National Council of State Boards of Nursing Scholarship
  • Delaney Wilkinson: A $1,500.00 Thomas H. Edwards Memorial Endowed Scholarship

“As the faculty advisor to Student Nurses at Penn for over 20 years, I continue to be extremely proud of our students and their dedication to academic excellence, community service and leadership,” said Diane Spatz, PhD, Professor of Perinatal Nursing and the Helen M. Shearer Term Professor of Nutrition. “I love being able to nominate our students for awards and see them be recognized for their contributions!”

The Student Nurses at Penn (SNAP) also won the National Student Nurses’ Association’s Social Media Award for their Instagram account (@penn_snap).