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Welcome to Penn Nursing’s new Accelerated BSN cohort!

Here are some fast facts about the newest cohort.


  • The cohort of 81 students hail from over 19 states and bring a variety of interests and goals to the program.
  • They are beginning their Bachelor’s in Nursing at Penn with goals to complete an MSN, DNP and/or PhD, leading them to make a difference in medicine, clinical practice, research, and more.
  • They already have undergraduate degrees in:
    • Psychology
    • Biochemistry
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Communications
    • Marketing
    • Social Policy
    • Women’s Studies
    • Behavioral Neuroscience, and more
  • Nearly 10% hold graduate degrees in areas such as:
    • Public Health
    • Infectious Disease
    • Bioscience
    • Healthcare Administration
  • Our students have lived, traveled, and volunteered abroad.
  • Two of our students are returning Peace Corps volunteers and spent two years of service in Zambia and in West Africa.
  • Over 25% speak a second language:
    • Mandarin
    • Spanish
    • Korean
    • French
    • Swahili
    • Czech, and more
  • The diversity of experiences is evident in the commitment to community, social justice, research, clinical practice, teaching, and more, which they have already demonstrated prior to arriving at Penn Nursing. Our students have worked and volunteered in clinical research, as educators, in rape crisis centers, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers, and non-profits in the US and around the world.