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Funding from Roxborough Memorial Foundation Boosts Roxborough Healthcare

Thanks to new funding from the Roxborough Memorial Foundation, Penn Nursing students will have access to a new source of financial aid that comes with an incentive to complete clinical service in or near the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia.

The new Roxborough Memorial Foundation Endowment Fund for Nursing Scholarships requires that all of its scholarship recipients seek clinical experiences in proximity to Roxborough, so long as there are appropriate clinical sites in the area. This is an incredible opportunity for Penn Nursing students, as well as for the Roxborough community.

“We at Penn Nursing are excited to have significant impact in the Roxborough community,” says Antonia M. Villarruel, Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing. “Our students are the best and brightest, and I’m confident that they will enhance quality of care and expand access to care in the neighborhood.”