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Low-Income, Fifth-Year Students Receive New Financial Aid Resource to Help Them Succeed

When you come from a true Red and Blue family, the concept of not being able to finish your degree because of financial hardships is one that doesn’t sit well. For Robert Karsch, C’85, M’89 and Abby Bechler-Karsch, Nu’88, GNu’93, that meant creating a new scholarship—the Abby and Robert Karsch Family Scholarship Program—for low-income Penn Nursing undergraduates required to take a fifth year of classes in order to graduate.

Abby said, “We both went to Penn, our daughter Emily graduated from the nursing school in 2018, and our son Jacob is a member of the class of 2021 in the college—and truly believe that a Penn education is priceless. Ultimately, we’re hoping that the students who need the fifth year to complete their BSN will have access to jobs as bedside nurses or as healthcare consultants and that one day they’ll be the nurse leading a team. It all starts with a BSN degree, and that’s why we’ve chosen to establish this scholarship.”

The scholarship will award a new fifth-year student with funding each year for the next five years.