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Community-Academic Partnerships: Translating Research to Community Action

ACHIEVEability in West Philadelphia breaks the generational cycle of poverty by helping low-income, single parent, homeless families to achieve self-sufficiency through higher education, affordable housing, and supportive services. Principal Investigator Therese Richmond, PhD, CRNP, FAAN , co-investigator Sara F. Jacoby, MPH, MSN, PhD, and the partners at ACHIEVEability examined the health status of their clients and found 49% had moderate to severe symptoms of depression. The findings of this research can be found here.  ACHIEVEability used these data to secure a direct service grant from the van Ameringen Foundation to provide in-house counseling for their clients.

This study was supported by funding by the Center for Public Health Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania and the Robert Wood Johnson Health & Societies Program at University of Pennsylvania and the national Institute of Nursing research of the National Institutes of Health under award number F31NR0113599.