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Penn Nursing Diaries: A Day in the Life of Holly Bischof

Hi guys! My name is Holly and I am in the ABSN program at Penn Nursing and sub-matriculated into the adult/gerontology acute care NP program so that eventually I can work with brain tumor patients. I am also a triathlete. Here is a little insight as to how I balance my passions.

5:00 Time to wake up! I make some coffee and oatmeal to get some fuel in before my morning workout.

5:45 Leave my house for the gym. It’s still dark outside, but I’m ready to put in some work!
Successful bike workout in the books!Successful bike workout in the books!

6:00-7:00 I get in a nice spin bike workout. Today I did an hour with 5x5 minutes at a hard effort. I felt great!

7:15 I get a quick shower and change at the gym. I packed nice clothes and boots today since I have a presentation in front of my class. Otherwise, I prefer to wear sneakers every day. You never know when you will need them to work out or jog across campus.

7:30 I make a stop at the bagel shop to grab a second breakfast. Morning workouts leave me starving!

8:00 Arrive at the train station. I take the train from NJ into Philly to avoid all the rush hour traffic.

8:50 I finally get to Penn and speed walk through all the people to get to class.

9:00-11:50 We have presentations today in my leadership class, N390-Leadership in the Complex Healthcare System. Talking in front of everybody makes me nervous, but my group is awesome and we’re ready. We talk about implementing a sexual harassment training protocol to equip nurses with the tools to identify and navigate sexual harassment from patients; my part was about HUP’s current policies on sexual harassment and methods for implementing new training modules.

12:00-12:45 I walk across campus to N389-Research/Inquiry-Based Service Residency, my research class. I’m wrapping up my semester long study on nutritional knowledge in athletes. I love when I can incorporate my passion for athletics into my nursing classes.

1:00-2:00 I run (literally!) over to the gym to get in a swim before the pool closes for the afternoon. Today I do an easy 4x500 meters. I wasn’t feeling great, but I got the work in. The tough days are when greatness is built!

Time to swim!Time to swim!

2:30 I pick up some lunch from Sweet-green. The harvest bowl is my favorite and always hits the spot after swimming.

3:00 I still have wet hair and goggle marks around my eyes, but I stop by the hospital to visit my iLEAPP patient. He’s very sick, so I try to go see him when I can. iLEAPP is an interdisciplinary program with nursing, medical, and pharmacy students. We are paired with a patient who has a chronic illness and we follow that patient for 16 months to learn the implications of a chronic illness. I’ve been following my patient for over a year and he teaches me more about the human side of nursing than any class could.

4:00 I need a snack and some coffee to get energized before my next class.

4:30-7:30 Time for N548- Negotiations in Healthcare. I really enjoy this class because it’s very interactive. I studied my character, so I’m prepared for this negotiation. Our groups were dispersed among smaller classrooms, but I made sure to bring my water bottle with me to stay hydrated.

“Some of my classmates in N548. Tonight we negotiated about multiple issues across multiple par...

7:45 I get on the train to go back home. I’m tired and hungry…it’s been a long day.

8:30 I arrive back home just in time to catch the second half of the Duke Basketball game. My incredible mom has dinner waiting for me. A well-balanced roast beef, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.  

9:30 I check my email and make sure everything is finished for my group’s presentation in my palliative care class (N557- Principles of Palliative Care) tomorrow.

10:00 Time for bed! I definitely need some sleep before my 4:30am alarm tomorrow morning for clinical.