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Article of the Year for Brawner

Bridgette Brawner, PhD, MDiv, APRN, Associate Professor in Penn Nursing’s Department of Family and Community Health, has won the 2018 Richard L. Sowell Article of the Year Award from the  Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (JANAC).

This award recognizes an outstanding article published in the JANAC during the period from July 1 - June 30 of the year preceding ANAC’s annual conference.  The award acknowledges a significant contribution to the literature, the science of caring and nursing interventions in the HIV epidemic.  

Brawner’s winning article, Focus Group Findings to Develop an HIV/STI Prevention Program for Heterosexually Active Black Adolescents with Mental Illnesses, concludes that heterosexually active Black adolescents with mental illnesses are at increased risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. However, there are few HIV/STI prevention interventions that exist for this demographic.

“You can be passionate about your research, but it is an honor to know that others believe it is significant too,” said Brawner. “I am encouraged to continue to fight to ensure that all people, including underserved and marginalized populations, have the information, skills and resources they need to achieve their full health potential.”

She will present the paper and accept the award at the ANAC Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, which runs from November 8-10, 2018.