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My Proudest Moment: Amanda Jeuda, Nu’12, RN, CCRN

Pediatric ICU Nurse at NY-Presbyterian

Since graduating from Penn Nursing, I have spent my entire six-year career in the Pediatric ICU at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York. Following in the footsteps of my mom, I always knew my passion was in the care of the most critically ill children and I love the diversity of patient diagnoses in the ICU. During orientation, I had the unique experience of following my first liver transplant patient from the OR to the ICU and my passion for post-transplant care was born.

Preoperatively, transplant patients are gravely ill and postoperatively, they face staggering obstacles before hopefully having positive results. Last year, I was assigned to an eight-month old baby who had just received a new liver from his godmother. I take my role as family advocate seriously and immediately bonded with this family. I explained everything in terms they would understand and offered them encouragement as milestones were met. Thankfully, this baby has gone on to thrive and his parents have kept me updated in the year since.

I did not realize just how great of an impact my care had on this family until I was contacted a year later by NBC’s Today Show asking to do a piece on me in honor of National Nurses Week. I loved learning from the mom that my “loud voice” advocating for her son during his most critical post-op hours gave her the confidence that he was in good hands. I do my job because I love it and care so much for these children, but I have to admit it can be extremely gratifying to see my hard work appreciated like this.

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