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Nutrition Major Volunteers in Ethiopia

Penn senior student Nia Ebrahim, double majoring in Nutrition at Nursing and Biology at SAS, had the opportunity to work with Project Harar, a charity working with people in Ethiopia suffering from a facial disfigurement, such as cleft lip, cleft palate, or tumors, and provides them access to treatment. More than 40% of the patients who arrive for treatment are too malnourished to undergo surgery, therefore a focus on nutritional support prior and post treatment is provided by Project Harar.

Nia traveled across three regions in Ethiopia training health workers in nutrition, speaking with families of malnourished children, as well as speaking with communities to help spread good nutritional practices. Speaking about her experience, Nia said “As a nutrition major, it was amazing getting to apply the lessons learned and skills developed at Penn Nursing to my experiences out in the real world. The new experience I’ve gained during my time in Ethiopia has instilled in me a deeper appreciation for community nutrition work”.

Nia is set to graduate from Penn in the Spring of 2018.